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White Wine Yeast
10gm For white grape and fruit wines and to restart fermentation ..
Malic Acid
10gm Add to fermenting wine for balance and enrichment     ..
Campden Tablets
50 tablets For fermentation: add 1 tablet per 5 litres of must and leave for 24 hours before adding yeast  For sanitising: add 5 tablets in 1 litre of water CAUTION: Avoid dust and fumes - contains sodium metabisulphate ..
Turbo Clear Twin Pack
Clearing agent for Alcotec Yeast/Nutrient Packs (24 hour A240, 48 hour A480, Turbo 6 A241, Turbo Gold S222)  Also clearing agent for wine 2 part solution Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK ..
2.5gm Add to fruit pulp Releases sugar and clears wine ..
Red Wine Yeast
10gm For red grape and fruit wines     ..
Wine Nutrient 150g
150gm Add 10gm per litre of fermentation Minerals and vitamins for yeast growth ..
Wine Nutrients - 10gm
10gm Essential for complete fermentation   ..
Sorbate Wine Stabiliser - 10g
10gm Wine Stabiliser Use before bottling   ..
Grape Skin Tannin
10gm Adds balance to all grape and fruit wines     ..
Citric Acid
13gm Balances wine tannin and sugar levels       ..

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