A range of powders and syrups to enhance any liqueur

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Unsweetened Sugar Free Schnapps & Liqueuer Base
1 Litre A concentrated syrup for smoothness and body without sweetness 100ml/litre for Schnapps 300ml/litre for Liqueurs Ingredients: Water, Gums, Cellulose Manufctured in Auckland, NZ ..
Liqueur Syrup 1 litre
1 litre A glucose syrup that adds body and sweetness to liqueur mixes Packaged in Timaru NZ   ..
Liqueur Mate
100gm Makes one litre A balanced blend of gums and sweetness that provide a rapid easy way of producing liqueurs with a smooth mouth feel and yet not too heavy Ingredients: Contains Startches and Aspartame Manufactured in Auckland NZ       ..
Instant Liqueur Creamer
190gm  Makes 1 litre - finished strength 14% Add contents to 600ml very hot water and belnd for 2 minutes using high speed blender or homogeniser.  Allow to stand for 2 minutes.  Add 350 ml 40% spirit or vodka.  Blend again for 1 minute and allow to cool.  Add 10ml of flavour concentrate and mix.  Adjust fla..
300ml Liqueur Syrup
300ml  A concentrated syrup to provide smoothness and body to all liqueurs without sweetness Ingredients: Made from a blend of Glucose and sugar syrup   ..

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