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Black Rock Mexican Lager 1.7kg
1.7kg A crisp refreshing lager in the Mexican Style Colour and EBU: Typical Analysis: 6+/-2 EBC (colour), 16+/-2EBU (bitterness) Ingredients: Malts - Lager Hops - Green Bullet, Pacific Gem,  New Zealand Artesian Water Hop Extracts Premium Dry Brewing Yeast Sachet (under the lid)    ..
Skinny Dip Pale Ale GLUTEN FREE Beer Kit
Makes 23 Litres A lively ale with good colour combines NZ grown malted maize extract, NZ hops, raw cane sugar caramel. The traditional happinessand colour expected of pale ale is matched by this Gluten Free version bringing a smile to those Gluten Free beer lovers. IBU 20 6.0% alcohol Pacifica/Kohatu Hops Manufactured in ..
Morgans Royal Oak Amber Ale
17.5kg - makes 23 litres A smooth full flavoured beer with a high hop level and light caramel aroma Ingredients: Malt and Hops - yeast sachet No added preservatives Manufactured by Morgans Brewing Co, Australia ..
Morgans Golden Sheaf  Wheat
1.7kg - makes 23 litres A golden yellow highly aromatic Weiss style beer with excellent head and vanilla overtones Ingredients: Malt and Hops - yeast sachet No added preservatives Manufactured by Morgans Brewing Co, Australia ..
Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsner
1.7kg - makes 23 litres A pale golden lager with that unique fresh saaz hop aroma Ingredients: Malt and Hops - yeast sachet No added preservatives Manufactured by Morgans Brewing Co, Australia ..
Brewmaster Cask Oak Conditioner
100 gm Cover 50 gm in boiling water then add to 23 L beer.  Condition for one week For Traditional Ales Heat treated new American Ook. Gives Traditional cask flavour to ales from the vanillians and tannins in oak Packaged in Auckland, NZ ..
Morgans Pacific Pale Ale
1.7kg - makes 23 litres A Classic American West Coast craft style beer with a refreshing woodsy hop aroma backed up by a crisp clean bite. Rich amber colour, full malt character, refreshing hop aroma Colour 10 EBC Bitterness 24 IBU Ingredients: Malt and hops, yeast sachet under cap Manufactured by Morgans Brewing Company,..
Morgans Frontier IPA
1.7kg - makes 23 Litres Delivering the beloved hop flavour of a traditional IPA but with lower alcohol content so you can create a world class session IPA to enjoy again and again. Golden caramel colour, floral hop aroma, signature intense bitter IPA finish Colour 12 EBC Bitterness 29 IBU Ingredients: Malt and hops, yeast sac..
Motueka Hopped Brewblend
1 kg Barley Malt Powder, Dextrose, Dextrin and 25g of Motueka Hops Promotes fermentation. Adds body and flavour For all Lagers Manufactured in Auckland NZ FREIGHT CHARGES APPLY ON AMOUNTS OF 6 OR MORE ..
Bottle Tree
Takes over 60 bottles To dry and store plastic bottles Use with the Bottle Rinser Made in Italy Freight Charge Applies ..
Bottle Rinser
Use in conjunction with  the Bottle Tree Made it Italy ..
Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Malt 1.7kg
1.7kg Black Rock Unhopped Wheat malt extract adds a light flavour and body to your beer and boosts head retention to give your brew a lovely creamy finish. This blend consists of over 50% wheat malt. Ideal in a light beer to give subtle fruity, bread-like characteristics and smooth texture to the head. Can also be used with darke..
Black Rock Unhopped Blonde Malt 1.7kg
1.7kg Brewed with 100% Lager malt for increased fermentability and a drier more attenuated beer. This very pale malt (5EBC, 3 SRM) is ideal fpr blonde beers, dry lagers and related styles SRM 3 Malt: 100% Lager malt ..
1.5 litre Amber PET Beer Bottles + Caps 15's
1.5 Litre Box of 15 Freight charge applies ..
Brewmaster Beer Line Cleaner
500ml Sterilser, sediment cleaner for all beer lines and kegs Approved by all major breweries Circulate a 5% solution (100ml in 2 L warm water) for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water ANZFSA C38 Approved Alkaline Sats 25% Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..

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