The best of beer kits, ingredients and equipment from New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK and Belguim

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Beer Glorious Beer
A Complete Guide to Brewing Beer on a small scale 200 pages of Brewing Methods and over 100 Award winning Recipes Written by Peter J Wheeler and Graeme J Garton   ..
Bulldog Hammer of Thor Gravity Lager
4kg - makes 23 litres A special gravity lager with it's 6% alcohol is extreme yet easy to brew. This strong viking combines a masculine bite with a soft liquid golden touch, good body and refreshing bitterness. Serve Cold Alcohol           6% Bitterness      25-35 EBU Colour   ..
Bulldog Evil Dog American Double IPA
4.7kg - makes 23 litres The Evil Dog American Double IPA has been created around a poweful dose of the Amercian Simcoe and Summit Hop varieties and a fine selection of malts, which in combination with our special US West Coast craft beer yeast will produce a true craft beer, with potent bitterness and bursting with aromas of pine and grapefr..
Bulldog Bad Cat
4.7kg - Makes 23 litres The BullDog Bad Cat Imperial Red is the first ever Imperial Red beer kit available to home brewers.  Full bodied with malty flavours and powerful fruity and citrus hop aromas from the American Amarillo and Willamette dry hopping. Alcohol   7.5% Bitterness   35-40 EBU Colour  30-35 E..
Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Malt 1.7kg - CARTON 6
Black Rock Crafted  Witbier 1.7kg CARTON 6
Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Malt 1.7kg
1.7kg Black Rock Unhopped Wheat malt extract adds a light flavour and body to your beer and boosts head retention to give your brew a lovely creamy finish. This blend consists of over 50% wheat malt. Ideal in a light beer to give subtle fruity, bread-like characteristics and smooth texture to the head. Can also be used with darke..
Brewmaster Carbonation Drops
60 per bag Add 2 drops to each 750ml bottle or 1 drop to each 375ml stubbie 100% fermentable Pure cane sugar, 3gm per tablet Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..
Motueka Hopped Brewblend
1 kg Barley Malt Powder, Dextrose, Dextrin and 25g of Motueka Hops Promotes fermentation. Adds body and flavour For all Lagers Manufactured in Auckland NZ FREIGHT CHARGES APPLY ON AMOUNTS OF 6 OR MORE ..
Brewmaster Beer Line Cleaner
500ml Sterilser, sediment cleaner for all beer lines and kegs Approved by all major breweries Circulate a 5% solution (100ml in 2 L warm water) for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water ANZFSA C38 Approved Alkaline Sats 25% Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..
Brewmaster Complete Starter Kit
This kit contains: 1 x Morgans Saaz Pilsener 30 Litre fermenter, tap, airlock & grommet and sediment reducer Hydrometer Bottling valve and tube Spoon Beer finings Stick on thermometer Brewing Sugar (Dextrose) Brewtec No Rinse Steriliser Brewmaster Carbonation Drops FREIGHT CHARGE APPLIES ..
500ml Black Glass Beer Bottle - 20/ctn
20 x 500ml Bottle with caps  FREIGHT CHARGE APPLIES ..
1250ml PET Beer Bottle
Carton of 18 including caps FREIGHT CHARGE APPLIES ..
Brewmaster Premium Brewblend 10
1 kg A blend of Dextrose and Dextrin Clean fermenting, adds body without flavour fermentability 80% = to 1.3kg Liquid Malt Alcohol +1.6% Mix contents with 23L wort before fermentation Blended and packed in Auckland NZ FREIGHT CHARGES APPLY ON AMOUNTS OF 6 OR MORE ..
Sticklebract/Green Bullet Hopped Brewblend
1 kg with 25gm of selected hops For Dark Ales 50% Muntons Dried Malt, Dextrose and Dextrin Promotes fermentation.  Adds flavour and body Fermentability 56% FREIGHT CHARGES APPLY ON AMOUNTS OF 6 OR MORE ..

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