Four grades of carbon for filtering and finishing

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Vertaflow Carbon - Twin pack
This is a twin pack - one pack will fill the standard Vertaflow filter, 2 packs need for the Magnum Vertaflow Filter Use with the Vertaflow filter systems Packaged in Timaru NZ   ..
Treatment Carbon 500gm
500 gm Use in conjunction with Filter Carbon (H261) To absorb odour and flavour from distillation ..
Reflux Carbon 400gm
400gm For use with spirit from Reflux Stills  ..
Filter Carbon 300gm
300 gm Use in conjunction with Treatment Carbon (H260) To remove colour and harsh spirit flavour ..
CR Carbon 400gm
400 gm One carbon treatment for Pot Stills A low dust high activity carbon for purifying  spirit ..

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