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Replacement Ceramic Filter
Replacement Ceramic Filter Spirits Unlimited Spirit Filter ..
Vertaflow Carbon - Twin pack
This is a twin pack - one pack will fill the standard Vertaflow filter, 2 packs need for the Magnum Vertaflow Filter Use with the Vertaflow filter systems Packaged in Timaru NZ   ..
Spirits Unlimited Spirit Filter System
A state of the art system designed to purify spirits and neutrlise odours in the distilled spirit. Removes fusil oils, collects impurities and softens new spirit. 24 hour filtration. 5L capacity.   ..
Vertalflow Locking Clips - 2 pk
Replacement locking clips for the Vertaflow Filter Systems 2 per pack Manufactured in NZ ..
Replacement Carbon Filter
Replacement carbon filter for Spirits Unlimited Spirit Filter ..
Vertaflow filter disks
Retains any fine carbon and controls flow rate to ensure complete treatment time and clarity For use with the Vetaflow Filter Systems This pack contains: 20 x Micro fiber fabric filterscreens 10 x Lab quality 2h-ah filter papers Use one fibre and two filter papers per run through the Vertaflow filter Packaged in Timaru NZ..
Inline Valve
For use on the Vertaflow Filter Units ..
Vertaflow Hose & Inlet Valve
Replacement silicon hose and inlet valve for Vertaflow Filter Systems Packaged in Timaru NZ  ..
Vertaflow Clicked Washers - 2 pk
This is the nitrile washer that is inside the Vertaflow body 2 per pack Made in New Zealand   ..
Vertaflow End Cap
Replacement end caps for the Vertaflow and Magnum Vertaflow Filter systems 2 required per unit Manufactured in NZ ..
Stainless Steel Screen
Used in the Euro 5 Tower and the Vertaflow filter systems Manufactured in Dunedin NZ ..

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