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Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Malt 1.7kg - CARTON 6
Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Malt 1.7kg
1.7kg Black Rock Unhopped Wheat malt extract adds a light flavour and body to your beer and boosts head retention to give your brew a lovely creamy finish. This blend consists of over 50% wheat malt. Ideal in a light beer to give subtle fruity, bread-like characteristics and smooth texture to the head. Can also be used with darke..
Safale US 05 Yeast 11.5gm
11.5gm American Ale yeast producing well balanced beers with a very clear, crisp end palate Sedimentation: Medium Final Gravity: low to medium Temperature range: 12-25'C, ideally 15-22'C Dosage: 11.5gm in 20-30 litres Pitching: sprinkle into wort Ingredients: Yeast, Emulsifier (E491) Manufactured in Belgium ..
A non-fermentable sugar used to add sweetness to beer, cider and wine Often used in stout recipes Use approx. 100gm per 25 litre brew or adjust amount to suit recipe used ..
Digital Thermometer
Includes batteries ..
Morgans Wheat Beer Yeast 15gm
15gm A German ale yeast selected for its ability to form a large head when fermenting Suitable for top fermented beers with low ester levels and cen be used in Belgain type Wheat Beers Sedimetation: LOW Final Gravity: LOW Recommended fermentation temperature: 15'C-24'C ..
Morgans Premium European Lager Yeast 15gm
15gm A famous strain from Weihenstephan in Germany This is one of the most popular lager yeasts used within the brewing industry worldwide Sedimentation: HIGH Final Gravity: MEDIUM Recommended fermentation temperature: 9'c-15'c, ideally 12'C ..
Morgans Premium English Ale Yeast 15gm
15gm A full bodied fruity British Ale yeast Produces strong tasting bitter beer, Stout, Weizen and Hefer Weizen Sedimentation: LOW Final Gravity: HIGH Quick start and vigorous fermentation, which can be completed in 3 days above 17'C ..
Morgans Premium Ale Yeast 15gm
15gm A proven commercial English ale yeast selected fro its fast fermentation character and its ability to form a very compact sediment at the end of fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity Sedimentation: HIGH Final Gravity: MEDIUM Recommended fermentation temperature:  15'C-24'C ..
Morgan's Premium Lager Yeast 15g
Originating in Berlin, bottom fermenting to produce clean ester notes. Sedimentation: HIGH Final Gravity: MEDIUM Recommended fermentation temperature: 9c-15c, ideally 12c Ingredients: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, rehydrating agent ..
Lager Yeast
Bottom Fermenting 10gm treats 25 litres Packaged in Timaru, NZ   ..
Brewmaster AMBER Spray Malt Enhancer - 1kg
1 kg For Ales Adds Flavour, aroma and body. Assists with head retention. Spray dried barley malt (UK) with dextrose and maltodextrin. 75% fermentable Equivalent to 1.96kg malted barley, 1.53kg liquid malt, 760gm sugar   ..
Rubber Plug for Minikeg
For use with the Brewferm 5 litre kegs (BF19) ..
Hauraki Coaster - Set 6
Set of 6 ..
Fast Ferment Collection Ball
Yeast Collection Ball for Fast Ferment (H540) ..

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