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Unsweetened Sugar Free Schnapps & Liqueuer Base
1 Litre A concentrated syrup for smoothness and body without sweetness 100ml/litre for Schnapps 300ml/litre for Liqueurs Ingredients: Water, Gums, Cellulose Manufctured in Auckland, NZ ..
Turbo Pure 250ml
250ml Add 10 ml per litre of spirit, flavoured or not and be amazed at the difference Purifies all spirit rapidly Ingredients: Fruit Acids, Starch Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
Tennessee Whiskey Oak (Jack Daniels) 100gm
100 gm Freshly chipped from Jack Daniels barrels Imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two weeks Use Gold Medal Hoggers Whiskey (H427) or Gold Medal Bodines Bourbon (H411) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Alcotec Turbo 6
Long recognised for its reliable and predictable fermentation For 25 litre brew Fermentation time 3 - 4 days Ingredients - Yeast, Nutrients Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK ..
Brewmaster Cask Oak Conditioner
100 gm Cover 50 gm in boiling water then add to 23 L beer.  Condition for one week For Traditional Ales Heat treated new American Ook. Gives Traditional cask flavour to ales from the vanillians and tannins in oak Packaged in Auckland, NZ ..
American Oak Flavour
50 ml Oak extract the gives an immediate barrel aged effect Packaged in Auckland NZ     ..
Kentucky Bourbon Oak (Jim Beam) 100gm
100 gm Made from Jim Beam Barrels Use 10-15gm per litre of spirit Leave for at least 10 days then add Bodines Gold Medal flavour, plus 1 tsp of sugar per litre for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Vertaflow Carbon - Twin pack
This is a twin pack - one pack will fill the standard Vertaflow filter, 2 packs need for the Magnum Vertaflow Filter Use with the Vertaflow filter systems Packaged in Timaru NZ   ..
Treatment Carbon 500gm
500 gm Use in conjunction with Filter Carbon (H261) To absorb odour and flavour from distillation ..
Superbrew Yeast 250gm
The original distillers yeast from the 1990's An updated blend with a modern yeast whish gives the reliable fermentation for 6g sugar It accepts temperature variatiions down to 12'C (it just slows down) Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
150 gm Instant Smoothing Agent Ingredients: Contains starches Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
Southerner Malt Whiskey oak 100gm
100 gm Chipped from wet Southerner Malt whiskey barrels Use Gold Medal McGregors Whiskey (H410) or Gold Medal Glen Darroch Whiskey (H415) flavour for a superb finish ..
Reflux Carbon 400gm
400gm For use with spirit from Reflux Stills  ..
Plantation Rum Barrel Chips 100gm
100gm From Jamaican rum barrels giving colour and flavour Use Gold Medal Calypso Rum (H414) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in  Auckland NZ             ..
Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon Oak 100gm
100 gm Direct from Kentucky The freshest bourbon chips ever available Freshly chipped from wet barrels Use 10 - 15gm per litre of spirit, leave for at least 10 days Use Gold Medal spirit flavours for a perfect finish Packaged in Auckland NZ               &..

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