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Frequently Asked Questions

These are items priced to clear so there is no time limit on the great price (and when we sell out we will not re-stock the item). Clearance items are different to Sale items which have a time limit.

Shipping and Delivery

Yes but there are limitations. Please contact us for our returns policy

Emails & SMS

Email or SMS notifications are the way we keep you informed about your account and orders. You can choose to receive notifications by email, SMS or both (you much choose at least one method).

We will only notify you with important information about your account or orders. This may include a notification when you create your account, place an order and when there are order status updates such as your order being shipped. Notifications are not promotional newsletters. 

Email newsletters and SMS alerts are optional - you may opt out of either or both but we don't recommend it.

Newsletters and alerts keep you informed of new products, promotions, sales, voucher deals and more. You may also be eligible to earn rewards just but signing up for and/or receiving newsletters or alerts. 

They will not contain information about your orders or account.


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