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Plantation Rum Barrel Chips 100gm
100gm From Jamaican rum barrels giving colour and flavour Use Gold Medal Calypso Rum (H414) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in  Auckland NZ             ..
Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon Oak 100gm
100 gm Direct from Kentucky The freshest bourbon chips ever available Freshly chipped from wet barrels Use 10 - 15gm per litre of spirit, leave for at least 10 days Use Gold Medal spirit flavours for a perfect finish Packaged in Auckland NZ               &..
Tennessee Whiskey Oak (Jack Daniels) 100gm
100 gm Freshly chipped from Jack Daniels barrels Imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two weeks Use Gold Medal Hoggers Whiskey (H427) or Gold Medal Bodines Bourbon (H411) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Hickory Smoke 50ml
50 ml Hickory smoke extract from Whiskey Mellows and gives character to Whiskey Ingredients: Hickory smoke in Propylene, Glycol Manufactured in Auckland NZ   ..
Filter Carbon 300gm
300 gm Use in conjunction with Treatment Carbon (H260) To remove colour and harsh spirit flavour ..
Distilling Stabiliser (Antifoam)
50 ml Add 5 ml to 25 litres before heating Ingredients: Poly Silicon - food grade Packaged in Auckland NZ       ..
CR Carbon 400gm
400 gm One carbon treatment for Pot Stills A low dust high activity carbon for purifying  spirit ..
Big Red Distillers Yeast 500gm
Tomato based to produce a clean wash and clearer spirit Ferments 6kg sugar down to 985 in seven days Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
American White Oak - 100g
100 gm Used to add that barrel oak flavour to your spirit Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Alcotec 48 Hour
Todays standard best yeast, fast clean and 235gm of fermenting power for 6 - 8kg of sugar For 25 litre brew Fermentation time 14% 48 hours or 20% in 5 days Ingredients : yeast, nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals Packed at Hambleton Bard, UK   ..
Alcotec 24 Hour
The first fast Turbo yeast developed and gives high yields For 25 litre brew using 6kg sugar Fermentation time approximately 24 hours Ingredients: Yeast, Nutrients,Vitamins and trace minerals Packed at Hambleton Bard, UK   ..
Aging Syrup 400ml
400 ml A flavourless glucose syrup that smooths harsh spirit Packaged in Timaru NZ ..
Aging Syrup 1 litre
1 litre A flavourless glucose syrup that smooths harsh spirit Packaged in Timaru NZ  ..
Glycerine 500ml
500ml Made in New Zealand Pharmaceutical grade vegetable base sweetener Also used in lotions and soaps Packaged in Auckland NZ  ..
Spirits Unlimited Premium Distillers Production Kit
Contains:    Alcotec 200 Turbo Yeast, Twin Pack Turbo Clear, Reactive Carbon Pack and FREE Turbo Ultra Ferments down to 995 on 6kg sugar in under 4 days and to 990 on 7kg in under 6 days It clears rapidly and produces fine spirit Features a new generation Turbo Yeast ..

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