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Combo Carbon Bulk Pack
Approx. 500gms One process only. Suitable for all distilling systems Pour one cupful (50gms) into your filter vessel or spirit container.  Leave for 2 hours or as long as possible then syphon or drip through 2 paper coffee filters Packed in Timaru, New Zealand     ..
Tobacco Growing Kit
This kit contains 1 bag sterilized seed raising mix 1 sachet of sand treated with fungicide 1 phial tobacco seed (sufficient for approx 100 plants) Instruction sheet and growth diagram Your first crop, from sowing to dry leaf will take 15-20 weeks Produced By Garden Road Ltd, Auckland NZ ..
Tobacco Curing Kit
This kit contains: Instructions for drying, curing and casing Detailed methods to produce Cigars, Pipe Tobacco and Cigarette Tobacco Humectants and Flavourings Heat Curing Bag Cigar Paste Produced by Garden Road Ltd, Auckalnd NZ ..
Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon Oak 100gm
100 gm Direct from Kentucky The freshest bourbon chips ever available Freshly chipped from wet barrels Use 10 - 15gm per litre of spirit, leave for at least 10 days Use Gold Medal spirit flavours for a perfect finish Packaged in Auckland NZ               &..
Kentucky Bourbon Oak (Jim Beam) 100gm
100 gm Made from Jim Beam Barrels Use 10-15gm per litre of spirit Leave for at least 10 days then add Bodines Gold Medal flavour, plus 1 tsp of sugar per litre for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Tennessee Whiskey Oak (Jack Daniels) 100gm
100 gm Freshly chipped from Jack Daniels barrels Imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two weeks Use Gold Medal Hoggers Whiskey (H427) or Gold Medal Bodines Bourbon (H411) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Southerner Malt Whiskey oak 100gm
100 gm Chipped from wet Southerner Malt whiskey barrels Use Gold Medal McGregors Whiskey (H410) or Gold Medal Glen Darroch Whiskey (H415) flavour for a superb finish ..
American White Oak - 100g
100 gm Used to add that barrel oak flavour to your spirit Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Tennessee Whiskey Oak Barrel Cubes
100 gm Add 3-4 cubes per litre of spirit Age for at least 14 days Use Gold Medal Hoggers (H427) flavour for a superb JD style whiskey Made from one toasted face cross cur from a Jack Daniels barrel Packaged in Auckland, NZ   ..
Super Clear
Twin pack finings for 25 litres Suitable for beer wine and spirits Ingredients: Gelatine, Bentonite Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
Alcotec Turbo Whisky Yeast
108gm - for a 25 Litre fermentation Alcotec Turbo Whisky Yeast contains a GA (glucoamylase) enzyme which breaks down dextrins, a by product created when you use grains or molasses in the recipe.   The yeast strain itself is particulary well suited for retaining some of the flavours that create a good Whisky. For pure grain ..
Turbo Clear Twin Pack
Clearing agent for Alcotec Yeast/Nutrient Packs (24 hour A240, 48 hour A480, Turbo 6 A241, Turbo Gold S222)  Also clearing agent for wine 2 part solution Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK ..
150 gm Instant Smoothing Agent Ingredients: Contains starches Manufactured in Auckland NZ ..
Stillmaster Turbo 8kg
Todays standard best yeast, fast, clean and 235g of fermenting powder for 6 - 8kg of sugar For 25 litre brew Ingredients: Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK ..
Alcotec Single Strain Whiskey Yeast
23gm Sinlge Strain Whiskey Yeast with Amyloglucosidase To make 25 litres of Grain Mash Ingredients: A seleceted single strain of distillers dry yeast mixed with amyloglucosidase Manufactured by Hambleton Bard, UK ..

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