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Rubber Seal
Seal for the lid of the Vodkamaker ..
Collection Jug + Carbon Spout
For use with the Vodkamaker ..
Vodkamaker Distiller
Air cooled, stainless steel, compact unit using 380W/hour Produces 1 litre of Spirit in under 4 hours Don't forget there is still fermentation time on top of this! Comes with carbon spout and collection bottle Production Kit (V70) or 6 pack Production Kit (V71) + a packet of yeast nutrient needed Fermenting Hydrometer (H159) ..
Production Kit 6 pack
For use with the Vodkamaker Still (V70) Contains: 6 x copper mesh                6 x carbon bags This pack contains no yeast/nutrient - use with Alcotec 24 hour or 48 hour for 25 litre fermentations Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Production Kit
This kit contains: 1 x Turbo Yeast 1 x Copper mesh 1 x Carbon ..

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