All parts for Euro 5 are readily available

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Element Seal
For use on all elements stocked by Spirits Unlimited  1 needed per element (thickness has changed so no longer need 2) Made in New Zealand   ..
Cooling Tube
For use on all Euro Stills and MK5E Pot Still Sold per metre  ..
4 Hole Gasket (Euro 5)
This fits the Euro 5 Still Manufactured in NZ ..
Tower Flange Seal (Euro 5)
Fits the tower of the Euro 5 Still Manufactured in NZ  ..
Top Plug (Euro 5)
For the top of the tower of a Euro 5 Thermometer and condenser fits into this Manufactured in NZ  ..
Stainless Circlip (Euro 5)
To hold the packing in place in Euro 5 Tower ..
Pot Still Adapter Plug (Euro 5)
To convert the Euro 5 from a Reflux Still to a Pot Still Simply remove the tower and insert Pot Still Plug into top of pot then place thermometer and condenser into correct holes Manufactured in NZ ..
Flange Washer (Euro 5)
Flange Nut (Euro 5)
For securing the flange in place 4 needed per unit ..
4 Hole Flange (Euro 5)
This fits the Euro 5 Still Manufactured in NZ ..
Thermometer Sleeve
Used for holding thermometers in place on Euro Stills Manufactured in Christchurch NZ  ..
Thermometer - 150mm
Reads 0 -100 Contains no mercury For use with the Euro 5 and MK5E stills   ..
Stainless Swarf
Used in the top of the Euro Still Towers as part of the tower packing ..
Stainless Steel Screen
Used in the Euro 5 Tower and the Vertaflow filter systems Manufactured in Dunedin NZ ..
Ring Spanner
For removing Flange from Euro Stills  ..

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