Oaks chips and liquid

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Brewmaster Cask Oak Conditioner
100 gm Cover 50 gm in boiling water then add to 23 L beer.  Condition for one week For Traditional Ales Heat treated new American Ook. Gives Traditional cask flavour to ales from the vanillians and tannins in oak Packaged in Auckland, NZ ..
Premium Toasted Oak
50gm  Natural oak chips that ages spirit over two months for bourbon Packaged in Auckland NZ   ..
Tennessee Whiskey Oak Barrel Cubes
100 gm Add 3-4 cubes per litre of spirit Age for at least 14 days Use Gold Medal Hoggers (H427) flavour for a superb JD style whiskey Made from one toasted face cross cur from a Jack Daniels barrel Packaged in Auckland, NZ   ..
Jack Daniels Whiskey Chips
100 gm Freshly chipped from Jack Daniels barrels Imparts obvious Jack Daniels flavour within two weeks Use Gold Medal Hoggers Whiskey (H427) or Gold Medal Bodines Bourbon (H411) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Kentucky Bourbon Oak Chip
100 gm Direct from Kentucky The freshest bourbon chips ever available Freshly chipped from wet barrels Use 10 - 15gm per litre of spirit, leave for at least 10 days Use Gold Medal spirit flavours for a perfect finish Packaged in Auckland NZ               &..
Oak Liquid Concentrate
50 ml Oak extract that gives an immediate barrel aged effect to Rums, Whisky and Brandy Packaged in Auckland NZ ..
Southerner Malt Whiskey Chips
100 gm Chipped from wet Southerner Malt whiskey barrels Use Gold Medal McGregors Whiskey (H410) or Gold Medal Glen Darroch Whiskey (H415) flavour for a superb finish ..
Plantation Rum Chips
100gm From Jamaican rum barrels giving colour and flavour Use Gold Medal Calypso Rum (H414) flavour for a superb finish Packaged in  Auckland NZ             ..
Hickory Smoke 50ml
50 ml Hickory smoke extract from Whiskey Mellows and gives character to Whiskey Ingredients: Hickory smoke in Propylene, Glycol Manufactured in Auckland NZ   ..
American Oak Flavour
50 ml Oak extract the gives an immediate barrel aged effect Packaged in Auckland NZ     ..
American Barrel Oak - 50g
50 gm Used to add that barrel oak flavour to your spirit Packaged in Auckland NZ ..

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