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Wort Kit Consequences Pale Lager - 15 litres
Makes 20 Litres Buck the trends with a rewarding and unpretentious beer built simply from a pale malt base and a subtle hop bitterness ABV 5% Malt - Pilsner, Wheat Hops - Magnum, Saaz Yeast Suggestion - Morgan's Premium Lager (H902) Dry Hop Suggestion - No Dry Hop recommended Manufactured by All Inn Brewing Co, Austra..
Wort Kit Clockwork (Betty Porter) 15 Litres
Makes 20 Litres Clockwork is a soulful porter with coffee and chocolate flavours combined with subtle earthy and woody characters for added complexity. Brewed with no added extras, just a careful selection of seven different malts, it's more than the sum of it's parts. ABV 4.8% Malts - Pale 57%, Munich 14%, Crystal 14%, Wheat 7%,..
Wort Kit Stronghold Assasin - Double IPA - 15 litres
Makes 20 Litres Unexpectedly powerful, yet devastatingly graceful. Complex character, equipped with a super effective toolkit of trans-Pacific hop varieties ABV 8.8% Malt - Ale, Crystal, Wheat, Aurora, Vienna Hops - Waimea, Chinock, Galaxy, Mosiac Yeast Suggestion - Morgan's Premium American Ale (H908) Dry Hop suggest..

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