Beer Kits containing all that is needed to begin producing beer

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Coopers Starter Kit
Everything you need to begin the Beer making process Kit contains: Fermenting vessel Tap & Filling Valve Durable Hydrometer & Measuring Flask Instructional DVD ROM Brewers Log Card Erasable Marker Brew Enhancer 1 Mixing Spoon 30 x 740ml PET bottles & Caps Adhesive Thermometer Strip Lage..
Brewmaster Complete Starter Kit
This beer starter kit contains: 1 x 30 litre fermenter 1 x fermenter tap 1 x airlock & grommet 1 x sediment reducer 1 x hydrometer 1 x spoon 1 x beer finings 1 x stick on thermometer 1 x Premium Brewing Sugar 1 x morgans Saaz Pilsner Beer Kit NOT SUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS POSTING Extra freight char..

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