Bulldog Rajas Reward India Pale Ale
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Bulldog Rajas Reward India Pale Ale

Product Code: H891

3.4kg - makes 23 litres

The Bulldog Brews Rajas Reward IPA beer kit will produce a hoppy and refreshing beer, golden straw coloured, notes of citrus and a hint of tropical fruit.  Good body, very crisp and distinct hoppiness.

Perfect with spicy food.

Alcohol          4.8%

Bitterness     40-45 EBU

Colour           15-20 EBC

Hop Pallets   Goldings/Fuggles

No additional sugar needed just the small amount added when bottling - JUST ADD WATER, the rest is in the kit

Ingredients: Malt and Barley Extract, Invert Sugar, Hops (fresh pelletised hops and hop extract), Dried Brewing Yeast

ALLERGENS: Cereals containing Gluten

Manufactured in the UK

Freight charge applies

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