USA's finest microbrewery, 10 litres of bottled beer within 5 days.

Just add water to the all malt beer packs of fine lagers, ales and stouts.

This unit is fridge friendly.

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Carbonation Unit
For the Beer Machine ..
For the Beer Machine  ..
Seal Kit - Neck Seal and Washers
Replacement seals for the Beer Machine Manufactured in USA ..
Main Seal
This is the Main Seal for the body of the Beer Machine ..
Defoamer Disk
The Defoamer Disk is a pre-soaked pad containing a food grade foam breaking solution designed to prevent sediments from reaching the pressure relief valve during fermentation. Available in 3 pack, use one per brew Manufactured in Canada   ..
CO2 Soda Cylinder
For use with The Beer Machine (BM1) and CO2 Cylinder Injector (H552) for the Rotokeg Pack of 3         ..

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