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Black Rock Unhopped Dark Malt 1.7kg - CARTON 6
Black Rock Unhopped Dark Malt 1.7kg
1.7kg Black Rock Unhopped Dark malt extract adds colour, body and flavour to any lager or ale.  A blend of pale, chocolate and caramel malts create a complex roasted-malt flavour. Colour and EBU: Typical Analysis: 42+/-6 EBC (colour), unhopped (bitterness) Ingredients: Malts - Lager, Crystal, Black New Zealand A..
Wakatu (Hallertau) Aroma Hops
100gm - pellet form Balanced mix of floral and sitrus characteristics Fine aroma hopping Used for Draught beers 6 - 8% AA range Produced in Nelson, NZ         ..
Sodium Metabisulphite Powder
For sterilising beer/wine bottles Manufactured by Brigalow Brewing Company, Australia ..
Nylon Hop Bag
230mm x 160mm Drawstring   ..
Lager Yeast
Bottom Fermenting 10gm treats 25 litres Packaged in Timaru, NZ   ..
Hydrometer - Ella Style
For beer and wine makers - multi scale SG reading from 980 - 1150, sugar content and potential yield Shows how much sugar to add to achieve 5% beers and 11% wines Reads to minisus top - ideal for cloudy ferments   ..
Hand Held Capper
Wooden hand held capper for capping bottles 'the old way' ..
Green Bullet Hops
100gm - pellet form Clean crisp flavour, slight floral For bittering and Aroma in lagers, even Pilsners 11 - 13% AA range Produced in Nelson, NZ ..
Fan Tip Bottle Brush
Draught Ale Yeast
Top Fermenting 10gm treats 25 litres Packaged in Timaru, NZ   ..
Dr Rudi (Super Alpha) Hops
100gm pallet form Unique blend of German and English hops, crisp clean flavour Bittering and Aroma applications 10-13% AA range Produced in Nelson NZ ..
Digital Thermometer
Crown caps
100 per bag Standard crown cap for beer bottle Use with Hand Held (A600) or Bench Capper (H029) Packed in Timaru, New Zealand     ..
Coopers Carbonation Drops
250 gm Use instead of priming sugar to speed up the brewing process Convenient to use, acurate dosage, no mess They dissolve completely with no need to shake the bottle  Dosage: 1 per stubbie (375ml)              2 per long neck (750ml) Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Manufactured b..

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