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Makes 20 Litres Formulated with the prefect balance of malted grains and ginger A great summer drink with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum (H302, F070) and a slice of lime Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic (approx 3%) versions can be made from this kit Ingredients: Water, Malt Extract, Ginger Flavours, Food Acid (330), Vegetable Gu..
Red Wine Yeast
10gm For red grape and fruit wines     ..
White Wine Yeast
10gm For white grape and fruit wines and to restart fermentation ..
Wine Nutrient 150g
150gm Add 10gm per litre of fermentation Minerals and vitamins for yeast growth ..
Wine Nutrients - 10gm
10gm Essential for complete fermentation   ..
Sorbate Wine Stabiliser - 10g
10gm Wine Stabiliser Use before bottling   ..
Malic Acid
10gm Add to fermenting wine for balance and enrichment     ..
Hydrometer - Ella Style
For beer and wine makers - multi scale SG reading from 980 - 1150, sugar content and potential yield Shows how much sugar to add to achieve 5% beers and 11% wines Reads to minisus top - ideal for cloudy ferments   ..
Grape Skin Tannin
10gm Adds balance to all grape and fruit wines     ..
Ginger Extract
50ml ..
Fan Tip Bottle Brush
Citric Acid
13gm Balances wine tannin and sugar levels       ..
Brigalow Bottle Wash Powder
275 grams Wash bottles in a solution of 25 grams washing powder to 4.5 litres of hot water, then rinse thoroughly This substance is strongly alkaline, avoid contact with eyes Manufactured by Brigalow Brewing Company, Australia ..
Bound Tip Bottle Brush
Hedgerow Wine Kit
17 recipes and the ingredients you need to make 23 litres of fruit wine Just add fruit and sugar Ingredients: Wine yeast and nutrient, Bentonite, Citric Acid, Enzyme, Stabiliser (E202, E224), Finings A (Kieselsol), Finings B (Chitosan) Contains sulphites and a product of crustacea Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK   ..

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