Parts for MK5E Alloy Pot Still are readily available

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Element Seal
For use on all elements stocked by Spirits Unlimited  1 needed per element (thickness has changed so no longer need 2) Made in New Zealand   ..
Cooling Tube
For use on all Euro Stills and MK5E Pot Still Sold per metre  ..
MK5E Thermometer Grommet
For our MK5E Pot still ..
MK5E Condenser Grommet
Thermometer - 150mm
Reads 0 -100 Contains no mercury For use with the Euro 5 and MK5E stills   ..
Hose End
For attaching water hose of still to tap Manufactured in NZ  ..
Element Locking Nut
For use with all elements supplied by Spirits Unlimited ..
Element Cord
For use with all elements stocked by Spirits Unlimited Limited International please note that you may need to change the wall socket plug to suit or use an adaptor       ..
Copper Catalytic Converter
Essential for all alcohol stills For use with the MK5E Pot Still The CCC  uses a specially manufactured pure copper micro ribbon which has a large surface area to instantly react with the sulphates turning them into odourless, tasteless compounds.  This action neutralizes the rubbery cabbage odour which taints the spirit. C..

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