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5 Ltr Glass Demijohn
Ideal for storing spirit or using as catcher bottle for stills or filter system Made in Italy Freight charge applies   ..
Brewmaster Honey
Adds a distinctive note to ciders and lagers Lifts aroma and gives a subtle honey flavour 50ml - mix with 23 litres of fermented base before bottling Ingredients: Honey extract Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..
Wine Nutrients - 12gm
10gm Essential for complete fermentation   ..
Plastic T Corks
Pack of 10 ..
Brigalow Bottle Wash Powder
275 grams Wash bottles in a solution of 25 grams washing powder to 4.5 litres of hot water, then rinse thoroughly This substance is strongly alkaline, avoid contact with eyes Manufactured by Brigalow Brewing Company, Australia ..
White Wine Yeast
10gm For white grape and fruit wines and to restart fermentation ..
Larix Twin Lever Corker
5 Litre Wine Starter Kit
This kit contains: 1 x 5 litre glass Demijohn 1 x Rubber Bung 1 x Airlock 1 x Nutrient Sachet 1 x Campden Tablets 1 x Turbo Clear 1 x Wine Hydrometer 1 x Red Wine Yeast Sachet 1 x White Wine Yeast Sachet Freight charge applies   ..
Wine Nutrient 150g
150gm Add 10gm per litre of fermentation Minerals and vitamins for yeast growth ..
Sorbate Wine Stabiliser - 10g
10gm Wine Stabiliser Use before bottling   ..
Sodium Metabisulphite Powder
For sterilising beer/wine bottles Manufactured by Brigalow Brewing Company, Australia ..
Red Wine Yeast
10gm For red grape and fruit wines     ..
2.5gm Add to fruit pulp Releases sugar and clears wine ..
Malic Acid
10gm Add to fermenting wine for balance and enrichment     ..
Grape Skin Tannin
10gm Adds balance to all grape and fruit wines     ..

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