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23 Litre Demijohn
Made in Italy 23 Litres NOT SUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS POSTING Freight charge applies   ..
Brewmaster Ginger and Lime
For perrys, ciders and ginger beers Enhances flavour and aroma 50 ml - mix with 23 litres of liquid before bottling Ingredients: Natural ginger and lime concentrate Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..
1 Litre Glass Whiskey Jug
1 litre with cap and pour nozzle Ideal for Spirits and Liqueurs Also great for Sauces, Oils and Vinegars ..
Black Rock Apple Cider
A sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour.  Harvested from premium pip fruit orchards to produce the taste and clarity demanded by the homebrewer. Colour and EBU: Typical Analysis: NA (clour), unhopped (bitterness) Ingredients: Apple juice concentrate New Zealand Artesian Water Premium ..
Black Rock Apple Cider 1.7kg - CARTON 6
Brewmaster Apple Enhancer
For Ciders and Lagers Enhances aroma and flavour 50ml - mix with 23 litres of cider/lager before bottling Ingredients: Natural Apple skin Extract Manufactured in Auckland, NZ ..
Wine Corks - 10's
Standard untapered wine cork Pack of 10 ..
Hedgerow Wine Kit
17 recipes and the ingredients you need to make 23 litres of fruit wine Just add fruit and sugar Ingredients: Wine yeast and nutrient, Bentonite, Citric Acid, Enzyme, Stabiliser (E202, E224), Finings A (Kieselsol), Finings B (Chitosan) Contains sulphites and a product of crustacea Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK   ..
Brigalow Ginger Beer Kit
Makes alcoholic or non-alcoholic Makes 23 Litres Brigalow Ginger Beer had been purposedly formulated mild to suit as general a taste as possible. If you prefer your ginger beer very strong and gingery, try this recipe: Chop 200 grams fresh ginger into small pieces and simmer in 1 litre of water for 20 minutes Strain the ginger pi..
Cider Yeast
Magnum Pear Cider Kit
1.7kg - makes 30 bottles 100% pure natural pear concentrate, this is an impressive kit Only sugar and water required Ready in 2 weeks Ingredients: Concentrated Pear Juice, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cirtic Acid, Malic Acid, Diammonium Phosphate, Stabilser E223 Allergen: Contains Sulphites Manufactured by Hambleton Bard, UK &nb..
Magnum Apple Cider Kit
1.7kg - makes 30 bottles A fantastic quality cider based on almost 100% apple concentrate Only sugar and water required Ready in two weeks Ingredients:  Concentrated apple juice, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Diammonium Phosphate, Stabiliser E223 Allergen: Contains sulphites Manufactured by Hambleton..
Brigalow Apple Cider Kit
Makes 18 Litres All you need to add is 1 kg sugar This cider is alcoholic Cider can be enhanced by substituing two litres of water with two litres of pure unsweetened apple juice  Contents: Concentrated Apple Juice, Malt, Apple Flavour, Cyclamate, Acesulphame, Yeast, Nutrient. Artifically sweetened with cyclamate and acesulp..
Turbo Clear Twin Pack
Clearing agent for Alcotec Yeast/Nutrient Packs (24 hour A240, 48 hour A480, Turbo 6 A241, Turbo Gold S222)  Also clearing agent for wine 2 part solution Manufactured by Hambleton Bard UK ..
Hydrometer - Ella Style
For beer and wine makers - multi scale SG reading from 980 - 1150, sugar content and potential yield Shows how much sugar to add to achieve 5% beers and 11% wines Reads to minisus top - ideal for cloudy ferments   ..

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