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30 Litre Fermenter
Used for fermentation, holds 30 litres Will need an airlock & grommet (H230) and tap (H166 standard or H169 spring loaded) NOT SUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS POSTING Freight charge applies   ..
Plastic Paddle
590mm ..
23 Litre Demijohn
Made in Italy 23 Litres NOT SUITABLE FOR OVERSEAS POSTING Freight charge applies   ..
11.5 Litre Glass Demijohn
11.5 litres Ideal for wine fermentations FREIGHT CHARGE APPLIES TO THIS PRODUCT ..
Rubber Bung 19/21- with hole
9mm hole fits airlock ..
Rubber Bung 23/28 with hole
9mm hole fits airlock ..
Sterilock Airlock and Deodouriser with one Odour Capsule
The New 21st Century Airlock The Sterilock contains a patented nanoseal that allows C02 gases to safely vent while preventing any contaminants (including bacteria) to enter the fermentation vessel To remove fermentation odours, simply remove the Sterilock lid and fit the optional odour absorbing capsule. Each capsule is good for an avera..
Sterilock Odour Capsules - pack of 4
For use with the Sterilock Airlock Contains 4 odour absorbing capsules to remove fermentation odours, simply remove the Sterilock lid and fit an odour absorbing capsule by inserting the white (smaller diameter) end into the top of your Sterilock Airlock. Each capsule has been designed to remove fermentation odours over the entire period ..
Rubber Bung 63/54 - no hole
Solid Bung - no hole ..
30 Litre Fermenter Seal
Fits 30 Litre Fermenter (H440) ..
Spring Loaded Tap
For use with fermenter barrel (H440) This tap has a spring loaded  lever ..
Senior Airlock
For use with fermenter (H440) ..
Plastic Spoon
485mm Ideal for using with Fermenter (H440)  ..
Fast Ferment 30L Kit Complete
A one stage fermenter allowing brewers and winmakers to primary and secondary fermentation in the same unit, eliminating racking, saving approx 80% of the time compared to traditional methods. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen and allows for yeast harvesting producing a high quality beer or wine. Comes in Gift Box and includes..
Sediment Reducer
Insert into fermenter tap to reduce sediment flow ..

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